Cosmic Soup

So! I saw a photo of Steven Yuen in Nope on twitter (still haven't watched the movie but plan to eventually) and absolutely fell in love with that red jacket he wears and decided that I, too, needed a sick cowboy jacket. So I've started working on one!! I originally thought I might use this leather blazer I already own to do it, but decided against that because there was no guarantee it would turn out and I quite like that blazer as is. My thought was that I'd put fringe on the back of the jacket, but probably not on the arms, and some floral satin appliques. In particular, I wasn't entirely sold on the idea of putting satin appliques on velvet. Just seemed like something that might not quite work out as planned. So! I went to the goodwill near my apartment and bought the first jacket I found that fit me correctly.

Before photos.

girl wearing a plain black jacket with buttons up the front, shown from the front girl wearing a plain black jacket, shown from the back

I think it made me look a bit like a bellhop. I went right ahead and seam ripped the bottom portion off to crop it. A couple days later, I went to a friend's open house craft night thing at her sewing studio and hemmed it and made it look all nice, thinking I'd close it up before doing any embroidery or anything. I decided against that and ripped the hem open the next day to make sure everything's cleaner at the very end. Then I added fringe. That's the current state of the jacket (fringe, open hem). I'm not sure how exactly to go about making the appliques but i bought some black satiny fabric, thin black satiny cord, and black beads.

Fringe status video.

I went to another one of the open house craft nights at my friend's sewing studio! And I worked on it again! I found some random lineart of a rose online and drew approxinately that onto the satiny fabric, cut it out, pinned it to the jacket, and sort of just went for it and hoped for the best. I wasn't able to finish it while I was at the craft night, but I kept working the next day and then basted the lining to the outer part of the jacket so I could take it with me on my annual Valentine's Day trip to visit my best friend. I still plan to open it back up and add more, but here's where it's at right now!

Flower applique status video.