Cosmic Soup

My correspondences!

I've always loved snail mail and keeping in touch by post is one of my favorite ways to maintain a long distance friendship. I'd gotten out of the habit of it in recent years but with an enormous stack of postcards from my mother and a tweet calling upon my online friends to send me their addresses, I'm back in business baby! I've been getting a bit more elaborate with it in the past month or two because I've been reading up about mail art so I thought I ought to share my more fun letters and postcards with you. I haven't really been taking photos of them, but I'm quite determined to get better about that starting now.

If you're interested in being penpals, send me an email!


Postcard for my friend Trent.
Postcard for my friend Owen
Postcard for my friends Nic and Binni


A birthday card for a friend of mine.

top layer of card, says 'happy birhday' and shows three gifts on vellum paper
second layer of card, one gift is removed
third layer of card, two gifts are removed
bottom layer of card, all three gifts are removed, reveals pressed flowers