Cosmic Soup

Music Fast Log

Day 2

I had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning and kept, like, impulsively opening spotify to put on a song to motivate me to get up. I decided that I would allow myself one song while getting dressed. Erin Rae's new single, Early Blue.
I have a stronger desire today than yesterday to listen to music. I am going to keep a list of songs I want to listen to.

Day 1

I didn't listen to any music today. I feel normal. I did sing to myself sometimes. Is that allowed? Yes, because I said so. Also, I'm not doing no music. That would seriously hinder my social life and keep me from my favorite hobbies (dancing, being beautiful in a room where music is playing, etc.). But still. I'm starting something. I am debating whether I should listen to music now because a guy on hinge sent me a link to something and I told him I'd give it a listen. If I'm completely honest, I couldn't tell you the last time I went a full 24 hours without music. Maybe when my ex and I went bikepacking together over the summer? Unsure.