Cosmic Soup

Music Fast



Ages ago, I saw a quote from a singer-songwriter (I could’ve sworn it was Maggie Rogers, but it really could’ve been anybody, and she’s surely not the first to express the sentiment) about how the way artists make music has changed because the way people listen to music has changed. She said that most people don’t just sit down and listen to an album all the way through, front to back, anymore, especially in the age of streaming. As an avid playlist-maker, this got me thinking: how can/do I engage with music in a meaningful, intentional way? This has stuck around in the back of my mind for years and I do think I’ve become intentional about listening, really listening, to music.

As a “chronically online” person who grew up in an outdoors-oriented household, I am always grappling with my relationship to my phone and my computer and the online world. I try to be present and engaged with my surroundings and not to let it poison my brain or pull me out of the moment. Sometimes I’m better at it, sometimes I’m worse. I recently decided that I would do a bit of a dopamine fast and keep off of twitter and instagram, a thing I’ve done many times to varying degrees of success, but this time I decided to include music. My intention was not to stop entirely, but to stop listening while walking through the city, showering, working, etc. in order to let my brain breathe a bit. I sort of halfway did it, focusing more on the social media bit, and then I stumbled upon this blog post the other night (very interesting, you should read it) and decided I should give it an actual, real try.

Above all else, I am just curious if I can live without music and how it makes me feel. So, why the hell not?


Desired Outcomes:


The rules are sort of vague, but I do fine with vague rules. I may add more later and will put dates added next to new rules if/when I do that.